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B/C Loan: B/C loan refers to the class of debt facilities provided to borrowers with less-than-optimal credit qualifications. B/C loans have higher interest rates and more restrictive terms due to the higher level of risk involved for the lender.

Financing Glossary | Edmunds – Common terms for car loans and leases are 36, 48 or 60 months. Title: A title is a legal document providing specific information about the vehicle and stating who owns it.

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A doubtful loan is one for which full repayment is questionable and uncertain. The degree of repayment of loans in question ranges from a complete loss to an uncertain loss unless corrective actions.

Lawriter – ORC – 1349.25 Covered loan definitions. – (b) "Total loan amount" means the principal of the loan minus points and fees that are included in the principal amount. For transactions under an open end credit plan, "total loan amount" shall be calculated by using the total line of credit allowed under the loan at closing.

Signature Loan Definition. A signature loan is a personal loan offered by banks and other finance companies that uses only the borrower’s signature and promise to pay as collateral.

Amortizing loan example. Hal and Barb borrowed $100,000 to buy a condominium in a suburb of Cleveland. They got an amortizing loan with an interest rate of 5 percent. In the first month of the.

Mortgage Loans - Explained in Hindi | Manage & Repay Your Student Loans – A federal loan servicer is a loan servicer for the U.S. Department of Education. If you have a Direct Loan, you’ll be assigned a federal loan servicer. direct loan borrowers are assigned a federal loan servicer after the first disbursement of their loan. Your federal loan servicer will contact you directly after you receive your first disbursement.

Answers to common questions, helpful borrower tips, and FHA guidelines to make your FHA loan experience a predictable and simple one. Answers to common questions, helpful borrower tips, and FHA guidelines to make your FHA loan experience a predictable and simple one.. Useful mortgage terminology to learn about and understand. Amortization.